Why Tam Tam?

Tam Tam is committed to provide a marketing solution tailored to your business needs and delivering exceptional services to businesses of all sizes and industries.

Tam Tam has business partners in various industries such as: telecommunications, Heating Ventilation Air Conditioning (HVAC), solar energy, LED lighting, print advertising, and retail. We continuously grow our partnership portfolio as we acquire partners in other industry sectors.

We will work with businesses of any size entering new markets or expanding in existing markets and may not have the resources or capital to do so.  Our specialized services are geared to companies looking to increase their sales without investing in internal expansions or who maybe downsizing due to tough economic market conditions. Whether your business needs are testing new markets, adding a campaign your current sales department cannot take on or increasing market share, Tam Tam will work with your company to determine the type of direct marketing strategy that best suit your business needs.

Our added-value

  • Focus on its core activates
  • Target underserved markets
  • Lower new customer acquisition cost
  • Increase lead generation with a focus on prospective clients
  • Effectively and efficiently manage the sales process
  • Reduce capital investment and risk
  • Customize a sales solution that is fully transparent and accountable
Outsourced Sales Service

Companies, large, medium and small, are increasingly recognizing the need for a reliable sales partner. Tam Tam specializes in outsourced sales so that our partners can focus on creating and improving great products. Companies can turn to us to promote their products and settle contracts on their behalf, instead of bearing the risks and costs of hiring, training, and managing a sales force.

From start to finish, Tam Tam will manage the sales process for you. We can design campaigns geared to your market in residential, commercial, or industrial segments. We can target volumes in either short cycle (3000 customers per week) or long cycle (one customer per quarter). Our teams can also be assigned to renew your current customers. Most importantly, Tam Tam will steward your brand as if it were our own. Our twin objectives are to surpass customers’ expectations for revenue generation, while simultaneously guaranteeing the brand is protected and promoted. The impressive quality control and training processes at Tam Tam ensures that your customers will be loyal patrons for years to come.

Marketing Solutions

Tam Tam excels at creating residential and B2B marketing strategies. We offer a wide variety of services that cater to specific marketing needs or tailored business solutions such as sales, appointment setting and lead generation.

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