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Tam Tam is a solution for your business to reach sales targets through outsourced direct sales. With over 50 years of combined international door-to-door, call center, and B2B sales and marketing experience, Tam Tam can help your business reach and expand its revenue goals.

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Direct Marketing has been proven to be the most effective of all marketing tactics. Whether it is door-to-door, telesales, or face-to-face, approaching and dealing with customers directly with the right attitude can help build brand loyalty, improve brand image and ultimately open a new stream of sales.

Outsourcing Sales is the solution for small, medium and large businesses to maximize their sales objectives without the pressures and logistics involved in managing and funding an internal sales force.

More and more companies are realizing that taking an outsourced approach to selling their products is the most cost-efficient method of reaching higher sales targets.

Tam Tam will act on your behalf to help you realize the benefits of direct marketing without the capital investment required in adding to or increasing their sales force.  We will support businesses by working closely with their management team to set and achieve objectives and goals.  Companies benefit from sales increase, realize revenue targets and are only charged once a new customer is acquired.  Tam Tam prides itself in carefully selecting a team of qualified professional consultants who will rigorously work on behalf of your business to turn prospects into customers and can also help with customer retention.